Jun 24, 2008

After 7 years of data NRI study puts Israel only in the 18 place


Network Readiness Index, NRI , first published in 2002,assesses the presence of an ICT-friendly environment by looking at factors such as the regulatory framework and infocomms technology infrastructure. It also looks at the level of ICT readiness and actual use within specific countries by individuals, businesses and governments. The report focuses on how networked readiness can help to foster innovation.

Network Readiness Index
1 Denmark
2 Sweden
3 Switzerland
4 United States
5 Singapore
6 Finland
7 Netherlands
8 Iceland
9 Korea
10 Norway

In the NRI for 2007-2008, Israel has moved down to 18 place

Network Readiness Index
11 Hong Kong SAR
12 United Kingdom
13 Canada
14 Australia
15 Austria
16 Germany
17 Taiwan, China
18 Israel
19 Japan
20 Estonia

Soumitra Dutta, the Roland Berger Chaired Professor in Business and Technology at INSEAD, wrote the report which is published by the World Economic Forum


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