Jun 24, 2008

Israel "IGOV" web site is in 44th place behind Qatar,Ethiopia, North Korea..... terrible

Prof. Darrell M. West (Darrell_West@brown.edu) (www.InsidePolitics.org ) of Center for Public Policy of Brown University has collected e-government data from city, state, federal, and 198 nations acroos the world since year 2000.
In his report he finds Israel's igov initiative lacking and only in the 44th place after countries like Qatar, Ethiopia and North Korea.
Have we been taken by a good PR from the igov people or is it "again" a 'they do not like us study????????????????????????
I tend to believe the first........good PR ........ why doesn't it surprise me ??????
I hope that people will start realizing that IGOV and MERKAVA have been failures
and will learn from them; we should point out, all of those responsible for the expensive PR campaign and terrible operational failure plus start saying the truth.....
the emperor is naked....
The data for their analysis consist of an assessment of 1,687 national government websites for the 198 nations around the world (see Appendix for the full list of countries). We analyze a range of sites within each country to get a full sense of what is available in particular nations. Among the sites analyzed are those of executive offices (such as a president, prime minister, ruler, party leader, or royalty), legislative offices (such as Congress, Parliament, or People's Assemblies), judicial offices (such as major national courts), Cabinet offices, and major agencies serving crucial functions of government, such as health, human services, taxation, education, interior, economic development, administration, natural resources, foreign affairs, foreign investment, transportation, military, tourism, and business regulation.

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