Jun 19, 2008

Something to Read... it is free..... enjoy

Steven Brandt, lists ten commandments he believes have stood the test of time in helping entreprenuers launch successful firms and keep them afloat.
Entrepreneuring: The Ten Commandments (4th Ed), is a book about managing early-stage companies, startups and beyond. In the spirit of "open source"...........
All ten Commandments are available free of charge.
Click on the links below to download
Preface to 4th Edition
Picking Business Partners - First Commandment
What Business Are You In? - Second Commandment
Focus, Focus, Focus - Third Commandment
Preparing a Business Plan - Fourth Commandment
Hiring Smart - Fifth Commandment
Rewarding Performance - Sixth Commandment
Walk Before You Run - Seventh Commandment
Go With the (Cash) Flow - Eighth Commandment
Health is Wealth - Ninth Commandment
Seeing Around Corners - Tenth Commandment

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