Aug 27, 2008

FACEBOOK ...... gets its first big virus

Since Sunday morning I have been very very popular. I am getting tens of letters of people admiring my not so thin body
or there is another facebook virus spreading around.

All morning I have been getting facebook messages that read ...

"Your ass looks not bad in this video"
"Is that you making love"
"Nudity makes you beautiful. Who made this video?You look disgusting in this video!."

At first I thought what the hell is this guy doing looking at my ass, and why is he telling me my ass looks not bad in this video. And then I thought, Nudity DOES make me look beautiful!

To avoid spreading this virus, do not click on the video link in the emails. It's not really your ass looking not bad, and nudity isn't really making you beautiful. It's just a scam to spread a nasty facebook worm. If you do click on the video link, it will ask you to download an update to flash called codecsetup.exe. DO NOT DOWNLOAD that file. It is the virus. If you already have downloaded the virus, read the directions below to remove it.

Send a copy of this note to anyone that is sending you messages. They may not know that their computer has been infected.

For simple removal of the virus, run spyware doctor, and that should fix u up ...

If you're nerdy like me, then you can go through the more complicated removal for the Koobface Worm (the word facebook scrambled up a bit)

The worm is called Koobface or W32.Koobface.B

This link is directions on deleting it, it's kinda complicated ...

based on Marc Fishman's notes

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