Jan 23, 2009

important term is the hebrew HATMAA (does not have a translation)

1    Some definitions:

·       Training, assimilation, implementation, rollout,etc: are change management processes.

·       Change management  that helps users change working processes.

·       HATMAA: is the measurement of the change process success.


5How many systems has IT created (last 15 years) that do the same function?

      How can I re-use ??? 

     Our recommendation is to do an ASSET inventory (applications).

     Then an assessment:

·       what we can use as services (SOA)

·       what we can get to work as is but BETTER (HATMAA)

An assessment will show what applications have high HATMAA and which do not

      LOW HATMAA need special tools and re-training

      HIGH HATMAA need tool for constant reinforcement 

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