May 27, 2009

NIST’s Computer Security Division (USA) standarts for cloud computing

The National Institute of Standarts and Technology of the USA under its Computer Security Division is posting its working definition of cloud computing that serves as a foundation for its upcoming publication on the topic (available below). Computer scientists at NIST developed this draft definition in collaboration with industry and government. It was developed as the foundation for a NIST special publication that will cover cloud architectures, security, and deployment strategies for the federal government. Comments on the definition can be sent to the email address: "cloud" at "nist" with a dot "gov" at the end.

NIST’s role in cloud computing is to promote the effective and secure use of the technology within government and industry by providing technical guidance and promoting standards.

Draft NIST Working Definition of Cloud Computing v13

Presentation on Effectively and Securely Using the Cloud Computing Paradigm v18

This material is public domain although attribution to NIST is requested. It may be freely duplicated and translated.

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