Jun 22, 2009

Excelent IDEA: sell "used" software licenses

While looking at some weekend bloggers I found the following at Frank Savo (Computer Economics)'s.

Company called USEDSOFT (www.usedsoft.com)

UsedSoft trades with second-hand software licences, which have been resold at least once by developers or dealers directly to users. Those licenses handle non-material copyrights for software. Used software is traded basically for two reasons:
First, applications may run out of use, e.g. after mergers and insolvencies.
Second, software licences are purchased, but do not get to be used.

The purchase of second-hand licences offers the user companies significant saving perspectives compared to the initial software acquisition – without having to cope with any disadvantages in exchange, since
  • software cannot wear out.

  • usedSoft guarantees and notarises the legal security of an acquisition by purchase and sales invoices, respectively licence certificates.

  • the after-sales services of the developers (maintenance, support) for all software licences sold by usedSoft are available to the user without any restrictions.
Yet, not only the purchasers of used licences benefit from this concept: The second-hand market also offers overlicensed enterprises the chance to sell licences which are no more needed. Thus, part of the formerly invested assets can be repatriated to the company.

The Business Concept

Purchase: Due to excellent connections to users on an international level as well as to liquidators, usedSoft has a wide portfolio of inexpensive software licences for all application areas. You wish to sell licences? usedSoft buys in software licences rendered useless from enterprises and other institutions. This may be due to system changes, staff reductions, cuts in business segments, respectively insolvencies etc. Moreover, when selling software, usedSoft accepts other used licences as payment. On demand, usedSoft can also update purchased licences of older software versions.

Generally, usedSoft has software licenses of the prevalent standard products in stock; special requirements can be provided quick and easily over the existing supply network. If needed, just add a short message to your Licence Request. One of the usedSoft sales agents will immediately contact you and submit a tailor-made offer covering your specific demands. With each sold licence, usedSoft provides you with a notarised confirmation documenting the legitimacy of the purchase.


David Fleischer said...

This is a freat idea, on the one side it allows to monetize am asset which would otherwise go to waste (in the case of unused licenses, or liquidated companies); and on the other it improves productivity for the side that buys the license at a reduced price. However the really expensive software for which this model would really wotk have fail-safe mechanisms to drastically restrict the transfer of the license to any party in almost all cases (according to the software company who is trying to sell me the software). Also it's not clear how the transfering parties ensure maintenance and service of the product.

Dr. Jimmy Schwarzkopf said...

I agree
very important especially in Israel today.

David said...

Hi Jimmy,
Sorry for all the typos...
These folks, Used Soft, are not willing to engage in commerce outside the EU, according to their answer.