Oct 10, 2009

e-book platforms

Jimmy Schwarzkopf Just when we all thought that Amazon understood marketing... 40% more per book????? while Barnes & Noble will allow people to "share" books

Source: www.guardian.co.uk
After saying foreign users would not be charged for downloads to the Kindle book reader, the company has now admitted that customers in Britain and elsewhere will pay a 40% premium for all books

Jimmy Schwarzkopf

Jimmy Schwarzkopf
Barnes and Noble wants to compete with Amazon's Kindle
Copying from research by Prof. Zhuand Prof, Iansiti from the Harvard Business School
we should hope that someone (at Barnes & Noble) has an answer to:
1.-what drives the success of a platform, installed base,platform quality or consumer expectations?
2.- when does a monopoly emerge in a platform-basedmarket?
3.- when is a platform-based market socially efficient?

Source: bits.blogs.nytimes.com
An invitation to a New York event suggests Barnes & Noble may introduce its e-reading device on Oct. 20 with a feature other devices don't have.
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